RCC talk to World Religion Class

James speaks to a World Religion class at Riverside City College.  He is speaking on how his worldview, Christianity deals with the subject of death.  In this presentation he shares a very personal story about his own daughter dying and the confidence he has that she is now in Heaven with the Lord.  The subject of death and where you go is a subject that every worldview must deal with.  James provides insight why Christianity is the one true worldview and provides the best and most compelling answers and evidence for life’s most challenging questions.

Professor comments (RCC talk)



LESSONS FROM THE EARLY CHURCH – James Werner January 15, 2017

James gives a message in Riverside, Ca. how the early Christians were revolutionaries.  The early Church was a divine movement of God.  They were an active body of passionate believers that changed the world.  James challenges us today to learn from this dynamic group of believers and adopt their zeal and passion for Christ!



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