What is Jesus view of marriage? Greg Koukl

Watch this short video of Greg Koukl, president of Stand to Reason as he gives a powerful message! What is Jesus' view of marriage?

If God, why evil part 3 (of 6) - James Werner

In this segment, James covers point #2 of his 5 points that help bring perspective to the subject evil and suffering. He discusses the fact that God gives us the ability to choose or exercise free will.

What is Truth? ((3 OF 3) - James Werner

James concludes with part 3 of a message on "What is Truth?"

What is Truth? (2 OF 3) - James Werner

James continues part 2 of a message he gave at a church in Long Beach, Ca. on "What is Truth?"

What is Truth? (1 OF 3) - James Werner

We live in a culture where many believe truth is relative. They will say "That may be true for you, but it is not true for me." In this message James demonstrates there is objective truth that is absolute and knowable. He also gives some tactics to refute those that claim you cannot know the truth.

If God, why evil part 2 (of 6) - James Werner

To help give some perspective on the subject of evil & suffering, James emphasizes why it helps to have the right view of life. We must look through the lens of eternity. Christians live forever! Death for a Christian is not an ending of life, but a transfer of living!

If God, why evil part 1 (of 6) - James Werner

Pain & suffering are a reality in our world. While this is a difficult subject, James shares why there may be many good reasons God would allow any act of evil and still be all powerful, all loving, and all knowing. Christians can have the confidence that our story is not over yet. In the end, Jesus solves the problem of evil.

Spiritual Life Lessons From The Beach - James Werner

In this episode James describes how life without God is like the restless sea. He shares spiritual insights from Scripture making application from God's creation. Life is really worthless without building on a strong foundation, the rock which is Jesus Christ.

Doubting Darwin - James Werner

Darwinian Evolution is the view taught in most high schools and universities. In this session James shows that there are significant challenges that can be raised that do not support Darwinian Evolution. In fact, when all the scientific evidence is considered, it clearly points to an Intelligent Designer. After this presentation James is confident that the case for evolution will not seem as strong as many take it to be.

Plant a seed - James Werner

God's Word does not return void. James discusses the importance of doing your part, and letting God do His!

What is apologetics? James Werner

James explains the definition of apologetics and why it is so important. He emphasizes the necessity to have answers to life's most important questions, but to always respond with gentleness and respect.

SB Strong - Never forget - James Werner

James pays tribute to the victims and families as well as his coworkers who were impacted by the horrific shooting on December 2,2015. He also gives a brief message of hope in the midst of tragedy.

Creation Speaks - James Werner

In this episode James discusses how one of the ways God has revealed Himself to us is through His creation. The glorious design all around us points to an awesome Designer and He wants to have a personal relationship wit you. This video was filmed while James was attending a Christian conference in the San Bernardino Mountains.


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